Nathans Story

Nathan’s Story

Nathan was born on the 9th July 2001.

During pregnancy, Vicky went into premature labour which had to be medically stopped and she also suffered with an irritable uterus. Although she had a normal delivery, it was very fast, nine minutes to be exact and there was no immediate concerns or complications.

At 6 weeks old, Nathan turned blue and stopped breathing and resuscitation had to be carried out by Simon (Nathan’s Dad).

Around every six weeks after this, Nathan was suffering with small febrile convulsions which we were told was due to ear infections.

At 10 months old, Nathan suffered a major febrile convulsion and stopped breathing again and had to be resuscitated by both Simon and the paramedics when they arrived. Following this, Nathan suffered a major febrile convulsion approximately every six weeks.

At 4 years old, Nathan was diagnosed with Nocturnal Epilepsy and prescribed Epilim (Sodium Valporate) to try and control his seizures. He was given a MR scan which showed a Brain Abnormality in the form of an under developed thalamus.

As Nathan grew older, we noticed problems starting to develop with his speech which resulted in Nathan being refereed to the Speech and Language Therapist.

Nathan’s school work started to deteriorate and Nathan was finding school life and work increasingly harder.

Over the past few years, Nathan’s diagnosis has changed to Focal Epilepsy with Secondary Generalized Seizures that are still not under control. At present he is on 600mg of Epilim twice a day which is the most he can have for his height and weight. He has also been diagnosed with severe dyslexia and severe learning disabilities. In particular, his working memory in very poor and is made worse by his seizures, as every time he has a seizure, Nathan is “knocked back” around 3 months in his learning.

At the time of writing, Nathan endures around two full tonic clonic seizures a week and multiple absences a day.

He is currently being seen by the following professionals:-
• Paediatric Consultant
• Neurological Consultant
• Paediatric Epilepsy Specialist Nurse
• Educational Psychologist
• Clinical Psychologist
• Neurological Psychologist
• Speech & Language Therapist

Thank you

Simon Rowland