Greater Manchester Community Foundation & RBS

The trustee’s and families of Hope are truly grateful to the Community Foundation and Royal Bank of Scotland for their grant’s of £1000, which gave Hope the funds to start our private monthly sessions for our families at Slide and Seek. Each month these sessions cost Hope £135.00 for 30 children and the grant we received from the Community Foundation and the Royal Bank of Scotland have funded these sessions since October 2010.

As trustee’s we think it is important to share feedback from our families on what a
difference/support these sessions are making to our families.

Here are but a few quotes we have received from our parents:-

“Hope’s sessions have helped tremendously, and its certainly helped me with being a single parent. It gives a chance to speak to other parents who are going through the same thing, then you don’t feel so alone. We (my son and I) have made some fantastic friends just by going to the slide and seek sessions! My child really enjoys going and he understands his epilepsy a little more.”

“Hope sessions help because they offer support and advice and take other peoples opinions into account.”

“The kids love going to Hope’s slide and seek sessions, its a big play area, which is PRIVATE for us so its a lot quieter and suitable for our kids. Its exercise while playing and climbing for kids and its good for parents too, if we need to talk or ask anything there’s always someone you can talk to. Thank you so much for slide and seek.”

“It was our first time at slide and seek last week, but seems a good idea for the children and parents as it gives you time to chat to other parents with problems like your own – enjoyed it thank you!”

“Slide and seek is a good way to spend grants as it gives children the chance to meet other children who are similar, who have found it hard to come to terms with being diagnosed with epilepsy. My child thought she was the only one who had it, but hope has had a real impact on her life and she loves going and seeing her friends that she has made. As parents we don’t think we could have coped without “Hope” as its been a great help to us in so many ways and we have made lots of new friends.”

“I think it is great for the children and siblings to get to know each other and it gives a chance to talk to other parents. I therefore think my children have benefited from the group.”

“Slide and Seek provides our family with the opportunity to mix with other families who are living and coping with different types of epilepsy. It is great that we can all help one and other and share experiences/make friends while supporting each other. From personal experience these sessions prevent you feeling isolated and alone. Our children think its great and really enjoy being with siblings who know what they are going through too!”

Thank you again to our grant providers Community Foundation and the Royal Bank of Scotland, as without you this support would not have been possible.