Epilepsy Nurse

Below are just some of the comments we have received by local people with regards to the benefits of having the support of an Epilepsy Nurse.

Carolyn has been a constant support since my daughter ruby jean was diagnosed with epilepsy at 6 months old, she is now 2 and has very complex prolonged seizures and I can always call on Carolyn for help at any point. I also have epilepsy and sometimes find it hard but she is always there to help me and talk to me, we would be lost without her.

Thanks Natalie and Ruby Jean

Carolyn was always my first point of contact when dealing with Thomas’s Epilepsy and medication. She was always available to see us and on the end of the phone when needed. I have always been able to ask questions as and when required. She regularly visited our home to see how I was coping and to see how Thomas was dealing with his medication. There were many hospital visitis/appts and Carolyn was ther for us. To help me understand the different processes and talk me through what would happen, putting me at ease. Without Carolyn I would not have been able to look after Thomas as thorough as I did and Thomas would not have coped as well as he did.


Having a nurse is a huge help! Would be lost without her. Gives you more peace of mind, as you don’t get to see the Consultant as much. Knowing you can ring the nurse at the slightest worry always puts my mind at rest! Also think the home visits by the nurse is an amazing help!

Joanna & Max

As a parent of an epileptic child, who had had seizures, since the age of 1, we are so lucky to have a nurse like Carolyn. She is a great help to the family, she’s always there when you need to talk, either on the phone or a home visit, and she has helped me undertsand my child’s epilepsy as it changes every year as he is growing up. I am sure a lot of other parents benefit too.


Carolyn is the first point of contact for families of children with epilepsy. She is approachable and always takes time out to assist with any problems. I have contacted her on numerous occasions and she is always willing to go that one step further

Jane & Mike Barlow

Faye, my daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy 2 years ago. After being misdiagnosed for many years. Faye was rushed to hospital, we saw the specialist and he referred us to Carolyn Taylor, our very own nurse. We got told you can talk to Carolyn or ask any questions you may have. You can ring her with any questions over the phone and she understands everyone’s needs. She is fully aware of how the person suffering is feeling and she makes regular visits. Without Carolyn, our nurse, I don’t know what I would have done. She is a massive support and help to me and everyone I know. There should be nurses like her in all areas of the country. Thank you Carolyn for everything you do for Faye and our family.

Lisa Cope

Our epilepsy nurse is fantastic and I don’t know where I would be without her. She has a great relationship with Chloe. Chloe thinks the world of Carolyn, as we all do, life would be so hard at times if it was not for the input and support Carolyn gives. Just want to add this Carolyn has really helped my family in a big way and her support is very important to us. If it was not for Carolyn and her help and support Chloe may not be where she is today, as she found it very hard to come to terms with her epilepsy. We need the support and help of our Epilepsy Nurse.

Joanne Smith and Chloe Smith

The job that Carolyn does is personal to every family, she is a crucial support network, her knowledge is immense and parents need that, plus reassurance when newly diagnosed and ongoing support as she will always fit you in to talk through worries. She is fantastic more people like her are needed for families of children with epilepsy. She’s a wonderful person and I have benefited and so has Ashanti.


Some 3 years after Max had his first seizure and after numerous tests, far too many visits to A and E, numerous medications, some that made his seizures worse, years of feeling isolated and alone we eventually got the support and care of Carolyn Taylor, our epilepsy nurse. At this point, with Carolyn’s support living with Epilepsy and Max’s learning difficulties started to turn around for the better. The trauma’s we had to cope with on our own initially were now much more bearable with Carolyn’s support. I would also question that if we had an epilepsy specialist nurse involved in Max’s care sooner, maybe it would not have cost the NHS as much and my child could possibly have avoided invasive tests. Carolyn managed to get Max on the right medication for his type of epilepsy, and to this day we still wonder if Max would not have been as severely disabled should he have had Carolyn’s support sooner, but that we will never know. Hopefully, NHS trusts will continue to see the benefit of epilepsy specialist nurses and realise the value/expertise of professionals like Carolyn Taylor.

Kelly and Paul Wray

When Mario started having seizures a few people asked if we had met Carolyn “she’s lovely” a few weeks later we had our 1st appointment with her and she certainly lived up to her reputation, shes fabulous. From training families and other caregivers with invaluable training to giving us advice and support on meds, behaviour management, and help fighting for equipment for special needs. She truly is amazing, giving us hope and support where otherwise would be hard to get. Without her a lot of families would be lost, shes amazing, every family with a child with epilepsy and additional needs should have a Carolyn. It would be a scary place without her.

Lisa & Mario