Ashanti’s Story

Ashanti’s Story

Ashanti Cottam is a lively seven year old who was diagnosed with Epilepsy over 18 month ago.
She was having Absence seizures up to 100 a day and the more she had the more I just thought she was not listening to me.

I mentioned to a few people who said take her for a an eye test. She had 3 in the fifteen minute appointment and I was advised to see my GP. We were referred to Tameside hospital and after a few tests and chat she was diagnosed with Childhood Absence Epilepsy.

She was given Epilim and within a week she was having side effects stomach cramps and dizziness and her behaviour seemed more than usual.
Her medication is now been changed and her epilepsy is now under control.

However Ashanti has additional special needs which have come to light and we are receiving support for them.
Also I would like to thank Carolyn Taylor for all her help and support.

Ashanti’s mum